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An amazing bath and body gift for anyone who loves handmade natural skincare.

This beautiful set comes with:
✨ Handmade Soap
✨ Natural Deodorant

        - botanical deodorant is made without baking soda

        - charcoal deodorant is made with baking soda
✨ Skin Healing Balm
✨ Breathe Again Chest Rub
✨ Coal and Clay Tooth Powder

✨ Silver Gift Box and ribbon

✨ Gift Tag


You can replace the box with a zipper pouch.

✨ Handmade zipper pouch

-Black with flowers (1 left)

-Purple with Moons (1 left)

-Pink Hearts ( 4 left)

-Blue with flowers

-White with flowers

-Blue with moons

Nature to the People Gift Set

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